Monday, 16 September 2013

My Perfume Collection

Man I'm craving chocolate!!!!! 

But that's totally besides the point (but definitely the more pressing issue of the moment!). This blogpost is all about my fragrance collection.

If you follow my YouTube channel @beautyconsultancy you will know and be familiar with my OBSESSION for scents! I believe there is SUCH power in a smell. It can spark a memory, a response or transport you to any given memory at any given time! For that reason I allocate a specific perfume/scent to very specific memories. For instance I wear the one perfume to work, a different one to prac in schools, and then a different one for all the other time in each season! At the moment I am wearing Elizabeth Arden's new fragrance 'Untold' as my Spring 2013 perfume and my Spring 2012 perfume was Marc Jacobs Lola! 

The benefit in allocating specific scents to each season is that Spring 20132, for example, was the season I got with James my boyfriend. And whenever I get a whiff of Marc Jacobs Lola I get a funny feeling in my tummy about him and get instantly transported back to that sensation of young love.... It's utterly thrilling!!!!

I will be uploading a video to my YouTube channel soon of my fragrance collection so make sure you go and subscribe so you can get an update when that goes live! Also follow me on twitter @kattrap93 as that will alert youtube when that video is uploaded :) 

For now, I have taken a pretty picture of my fragrance collection which I will link below for you all to see!

But I want to know from you, my read, my follower, my friend, what perfume are you currently wearing and how do you wear perfume? Do you change it up day by day, does it match your mood or do you like me allocate specific smells to specific occasions in the hope that it will one day spark a powerful memory?


  1. You should try Jo Malone perfumes ! They smell sooo good !

  2. I always allocate perfumes to different occasions, like i have two that I alternate to wear at school and very sexy smelling one I wear out to dinners or parties! I find it always sets you in the mood for the night when you match it with the perfect perfume :) xx


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