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Read up on my Publications and Media tabs all the previous work I have done within the beauty industry in terms of PR work.

To contact me for work with your own company or brand email through a message to and I am sure i would be more than happy to make arrangements with you. Whether it be a simply unpaid mention of your brand in my videos and on my site or an extensive project I welcome all business enquiries. 

Beautyconsultancy is predominantly an Australian youtube channel featuring beauty related videos. The brand also operates on many different platforms including a blog and social media outlets. I have a predominantly young Australian, female viewership. I myself am a female, living on the South Coast of New South Wales and have many viewers from my immediate region. In particular I am passionate about promoting local, regional and national brands and so furthering the Australian beauty industry in the competitive world market for Makeup and Skin Care. I am a beauty enthusiast and am passionate about trying and reviewing new products and providing honest and inspiring reviews which demonstrate my opinion and experience with the products. In addition to my online beautyconsultancy brand I am a free-lance Makeup Artist by profession and work for Cosmetics and Skin Care Brand Mary Kay part time.
I research thoroughly into my products before uploading a video or writing a blog about them in order to provide my audience with the most up to date, relevant and accurate information on a product of a brand. I seek to represent your brand with integrity and excel its business in the Australian beauty industry.
Beautyconsultancy, the youtube channel, consists of tutorials, brand reviews and promotions, application demonstration videos, reviews, hauls and giveaways. 

My title page included various channel stats for beautyconsultancy and the following are true for May 2013:
Channel Created: September 2011
Top Geographic Demographic: USA, UK, Australia, Canada and Germany
Gender: 6% Male, 94% Female
Highest Views on one video: 4000
Average views per video: 300
I find that most of my audience on both my blog and youtube media platform, are in the late teenager to young adult bracket (15-30) and are mostly Australian. These viewers seem to be looking for upcoming Australian brands to purchase high quality and effective beauty products from. The majority of the content on my youtube channel is targeted towards Australian women.
Beautyconsultancy also promotes products and brands from a range of social media platforms, allowing for an informal mode of promotion. This can be highly effective as it allows for non-confrontational, subtle advertisig. I find instagram is particularily effective at the moment and in this way I use mine (Username: kattrap93) to its full potential. I also use my facebook page to further promote products thus and brands developing a holistic approach to promotion.
The video and blog platform of beautyconsultancy, allows brands the opportunity to run a giveaway to promote their business. I will conduct a giveaway FOR your company free of charge, where you can donate products to be sent directly to the winner. Either I will create terms of the giveaway or we can negotiate them together. Giveaway are a great way to extend the reputation and promotion of your brand name or a certain product or line.    

I will also endorse any products you may wish to send me and will refer my videos to your website for their own personal sales. Any promotion of your brand/products will be on going and multi modal, manipulating a number of platforms including social media, my beautyconsultancy blog and my youtube channel.
Beautyconsultancy has been featured on the front website page of REVLON international alongside, Miss Glamorazzi, Allison Vlogs and Fleur De Force. I have also been the promo girl for Aussie brand Lilly Loves Pearl in 2012.
Please contact me to arrange any further business partnership at
I look forward to working closely with your business to promote your brand within the Australian consumer market and see its great success.
Katrina McMahon 

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