Thursday, 1 August 2013

Review of Napoleon's 'In the Flesh' Luminous Lip Veil

My goodness what a beautiful lip product this is. I attended a Napoleon Perdis VIP Event last night and as a thank you was given a take home bag of goodies. I was thrilled to have inside the Napoleon lip Veil, in the shade In The Flesh.

This is a brilliant nude lip colour which I instantly fell in love with when the MUA at the event used it on her demonstration model. WOW. I don't think ever have I found a more adaptable Nude colour. This lip veil literally suits everybody!! It works with the natural colour of your lip to create the perfect nude lip suited to you. Magic you say?! No! It's Napolepn!

The texture is beautiful and glides on like a dream, not sticky at all and definitely not playing the age old Venus fly trap for your hair! It doesn't smudge when you eat or drink though the colour may diminish being such a light shade, but that's no probs just carry the gorgeous little lip gloss around in your purse.

There's no need for a lipstick underneath and the pigment is powerful enough to fend for itself. Although the shade would compliment a pink or nude lipstick quite nicely. In the pic above though I am wearing it on its own and you'll find it quite flattering on me in sure!! ;) 

The packaging is gorg. Highly sophisticated with the gold and black detailing, feels really worth your money in your hand before you even apply the product itself!

Find below. Swatch of this gorgeous nude shade 

Isn't it lovely!! Highly recommend this staple nude lip gloss. It will not only become one of my all time Favs I'm sure but will also make for a staple nude gloss in my makeup artist kit 

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