Tuesday, 11 June 2013

The Bond Girls OPI Collection

Who has seen the new Bond Girls OPI collection?! Awesome huh!!! Super super shimmery and available in these six gorgeous shades representing Bond characters over the past 50 years! I've imported below various photos demonstrating the finish the products have on your nails. If your looking for something less shimmery than the rest I would go with Vesper, a gorgeous, deep burgs day, with slightly less shimmery than the rest. If your looking for shimmer to the max on the other hand, go for Honey Ryder! It is so shimmery it literally is texturised above the surface of your nail!!!!

I love how each shade corresponds with a character and an aspect that specific actress brought to life on her portrayal of a Bond girl.

Are they pretty colours or what!! I love Pussy Galores (what a name!!) light shimmery pink!!!!! Such a classic colour of that era! The turquoise also catches my eye, bit darker than what I would usually go for though. The Solitaire is simply divine, totally sophisticated. And Jinx is so characteristic of the perfect IT shade of 2013.

Below are swatches of what the products looks like on your nails


Pussy Galore

Tiffany Case


Honey Ryder


Have any of you tried this ultra shimmery range of OPI nail polishes?
Available in Australia at David Jones and Myer

Sunday, 9 June 2013


Who has heard of the BLOGGER platform BlogLovin before!? Im loving it! A social networking platform for us bloggers! Brill! Follow me on blogLovin and I'll follow back! FUN!

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Benefits of Healthy Food Choices

Benefits of strawberries

Some Yummy Snack Ideas for your day

Strawberries have a high water content making them perfect for hydration and refilling of bodily fluids. The water from strawberries will also help flush out excess unhealthy substances from your body, removing bloatedness. Strawberries are also high in Vitamin C

Dried fruit is not only fibre rich but will also satisfy a sugar craving or a sweet tooth! Dried fruit keeps you feeling full for longer than most foods so is awesome for a midday snack!

Wholemeal Oats taste lovely cooked with a bit of Skim or Soy Milk and a drop of honey! Try this tasty snack to satisfy a craving or even as a comfort food. A great serving of protein and fibre in your day!

YUM! Apple slices with peanut butter!! Add some Wholemeal Oats and raisins (Or choc chips if your feeling a bit naughty...) for a delish little treat! Make sure you purchase from woolies or coles no-added-sugar peanut butter to ensure for a low fat much to eat. This combination will hit you with protein (from the Peanut Butter) as well as fibre from the apples and will fill you up quicker than you know...:)

Greek yoghurt is a popular snack to have with great benefits. Not only is it super duper high in fibre but also low in sugar. So is going to fill you up with little calories to add to your daily intake! Win! Experts say the reccomended dietary intake is 3 servings of greek yoghurt a day (... who would have thought!) and those who abide by this suggestion experience a lower body weight that those who dont. TIP: by freezing the yoghurt before you eat it you lower calorie intake even further

Enjoy eating healthily today my sweets!

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