Monday, 16 September 2013

My Perfume Collection

Man I'm craving chocolate!!!!! 

But that's totally besides the point (but definitely the more pressing issue of the moment!). This blogpost is all about my fragrance collection.

If you follow my YouTube channel @beautyconsultancy you will know and be familiar with my OBSESSION for scents! I believe there is SUCH power in a smell. It can spark a memory, a response or transport you to any given memory at any given time! For that reason I allocate a specific perfume/scent to very specific memories. For instance I wear the one perfume to work, a different one to prac in schools, and then a different one for all the other time in each season! At the moment I am wearing Elizabeth Arden's new fragrance 'Untold' as my Spring 2013 perfume and my Spring 2012 perfume was Marc Jacobs Lola! 

The benefit in allocating specific scents to each season is that Spring 20132, for example, was the season I got with James my boyfriend. And whenever I get a whiff of Marc Jacobs Lola I get a funny feeling in my tummy about him and get instantly transported back to that sensation of young love.... It's utterly thrilling!!!!

I will be uploading a video to my YouTube channel soon of my fragrance collection so make sure you go and subscribe so you can get an update when that goes live! Also follow me on twitter @kattrap93 as that will alert youtube when that video is uploaded :) 

For now, I have taken a pretty picture of my fragrance collection which I will link below for you all to see!

But I want to know from you, my read, my follower, my friend, what perfume are you currently wearing and how do you wear perfume? Do you change it up day by day, does it match your mood or do you like me allocate specific smells to specific occasions in the hope that it will one day spark a powerful memory?

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

La Charme Lash Adhesive Product Review

So lets have a little chat about this product...


Hooley dooley does this stuff sting!! For something that is made for the sensitive eye area (and this is coming from someone who does NOT have sensitive eyes!!) you would have thought the makers would have gone to more of an effort to make it eye area friendly!!!!

The picture below pretty much sums up my reaction to this product.

I really really wanted to like this lash adhesive which i picked up from Sydney Imats last year (2012). I purchased it along with some fake lashes (which for the record I quite enjoyed) and some lash curlers (also, not bad). However, this La Charme Lash Adhesive (for those of you who do not know that is simply the technical name for lash glue that attaches your falsies to your lashline) is a painful and inappropriate product for the eye area. It even says in a big label on the front DO NOT BRING INTO CONTACT WITH THE EYE... bit hard for a lash glue!!!! You would have thought that would be something that would have come into consideration in its design that it should not contain anything harmful to the eye area, considering that is precisely where the product is designed for!

Feel free to test out this product or leave me your own thoughts and opinions below but from my point of view and in terms of my recommendation this is a product to steer clear from.

Thursday, 5 September 2013

Quickie Review: KMS Curl Up Styling Mouse

This product, seen in image below, did wonders for my hair this morning!! 

A few quick squirts of the slimy substance into my hands was enough to brush through the ends of my damp hair. As I blow dried my hair I curled and twisted the ends to create this desired effect.

Beautiful, natural, EASY AS curls!


Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Top Fragrances for Spring 2013

Ode to Spring 
By beautyconsultancy 

Yummy! Spring is upon us! Traditionally I have alway said my favourite season is the transition between seasons itself! That lovely moment in time when you begin to get just a taste, a tease, a glimpse of what the new and exciting season of change has to behold!

However, of late I have come to fall in love with the season of SPRING! The hope it brings, the splashes of colour, the promise of a long awaited summer! And Spring has held beautiful moments in store for me in more recent times! Spring last year I started dating my boyfriend un officially, who I could not possibly be more in love with if I tried!

Spring, as Robin Williams suggests, is natures way of saying "lets party!" Filled with colour, excitement and a love of life.

Spring in the country and in the garden is most incredible too! With Ruth Stout remarking, " if I could greet Spring anywhere it would be in a garden".

If you have time, google some poems about Springtime, my golly do they get you in the mood for spring! The season has certainly inspired some beautifully crafted words over the past several centuries!! 

Magazine Cosmo, suggests that 'Spring is all about renewal', so find something FRESH to shower yourself in as a light and rejuvenating scent! Let your person represent the change in season going on around you as we leave those cooler, darker, more sensual months and move into the warmer, fresher, lighter springtime!

Try something new! Spring is the month of birth and creation! So why not step a bit outside your comfort zone this month with a new fragrance!

Some Springtime Favs of 2013 so far have been:
1.Chloe's L'Eau De Chloe
2.See by Chloe
2.Chloe's Endless Love 
(You can see I am currently having a Chloe fragrance obsession!!!)
4.Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau So Fresh
5.Marc Jacobs Oh Lola
6.Marc Jacobs Honey
7.Marc Jacobs Dot
8.Valentino Valentina
9. (My personal scent of spring 2013) Elizabeth Arden's 'Untold'
10. Something Blue by Oscar De La Renta (a BIG hit this season!)
11. Vivien Westwood's 'Flirty Alice' 
12. Prada's 'Candy'
13. Robert Cavalli's 'Acqua'
14. Gucci's 'Gorgeous Gardenia'
15. Actually any perfume in Gucci's new collection ' The Flora Garden'

These are my top 15 perfumes for spring 2023.

Why don't you pick one and enjoy some online shopping and spoil yourself!

On that note, have 20% off all perfumes today only :)

I went with Elizabeth Arden's 'Untold' this season which comes with a gift pack from Myer and A Swarovski necklace :) 

Let me know what you choose :)
Have fun making your selection!


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