Thursday, 12 April 2012

Alexis Bledel's Grammys Face

Hi lovelies :)
I loved the look that gorgeous Alexis Bledel flaunted at the Grammy's this year. The stunning pink lip was totally flattering to her pale complexion. Then again im not sure if there is much that Alexis can do wrong makeup wise!

The matte pink lip was so beautiful and i didnt quite have an exact match for it- so i achieved it by mixing a Revlon shade and a Mary Kay one. The eyeliner was liquid (or in her case most likely gel) and so provided for that stunning POTENT and very strong look, however it is not whinged in any shape or form. Her bottom lashes are accentuated through more mascara than she usually adorns and her skin is supple and glowy most likely through use of a mineral powder foundation - allowing her gorgeous freckles t shine on through :)

Hope you all enjoy my tutorial of the look which you can find on my channel at

And remember.... keep thinking PINK! x

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