Friday, 11 November 2011

Friday Fragrance

A fragrance was released this year by Nina Ricci (a designer brand which has been around since early 1942 and who's most popular perfume L'Air du Temps defined a generation of emerging young women in the 1950's). The fragrance (called "Nina") carries Nina's own name, demonstrating how special this perfume is to the brand itself. 

I was very keen to try this perfume as my nickname is Nina and i loved the idea of "having a perfume named after me!!!!" First time i tried it at Priceline Chemist in Wollongong I was far from impressed. I even vlogged a harsh review on Youtube in which i remarked that i wouldn't want to go around smelling like a walking apple!! But the smell grew on me and finally i couldnt resist it, i just had to have it!

Originally the fragrance was selling for (1 month ago when i first saw it) around $50 Australian, however i found it reduced out at Warrawong Priceline (Im including the stores incase you are a local and i can help you!!) for just $25.... what a steal!

Needless to say i bought it!!

I would describe the smell as beautiful, fruity and very VERY sweet!! It smells like a red apple and at first i found that sickly but it matured on me and the base notes are lovely. Let the fragrance sink into your skin because its heart and base notes are truly enriching and totally delightful!

The scent has been described as Fresh floral and fruity- A new enchanting designer perfume that blends temptation, femininity and modernity. A fragrance with a sparkling and spontaneous flight that blossoms into a juicy and caramelised middle note. A soft and delicate breath of seduction provided by the silky and reassuring embrace of light woods. The fragrance of temptation.

It is a truly unique fragrance and i love it. 

Friday, 4 November 2011

Revlon Scented Collection

Just a quick word to have a rave about the Revlon Scented Collection which im currently loving.This collection was limited edition last year, however, if you shop around on the net closely enough im sure you will find it!!! Perhaps try EBAY! 
One of my favourites in the collection is bubble gum which as the name suggests is a perfectly lucious hot pink colour. I find it so playful and childish in many ways, yet paired with appropriate black accessories to balance it out can look rocking!
The product itself SMELLS divine on your fingers and i find the scent to last up to 3 or 4 days!!!! Through many washes and daily activites which is awesome! 
The colour looks divine on your fingers and i absolutely love the formulation of Revlon Nail Polishes (... my favourite of all time!!) as they apply smoothly, do not bubble and have good stickability.
If you can track down this collection i would highly recommend purchasing it as not only is the scent a unique perk to the range but the colour variety is awesome! 

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