Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Adelaide - City of Churches, Home of the Serial Killer

I’m from the city of light, with a sky of vanilla,
Known as the city of churches home of the serial killer,
And in the summer it feels like a hundred degrees...

And in the winter, the city sleeps dead in the freeze.

Australia's very own Hilltop Hoods sing these words about Adelaide, or so I have been told. Not being one to follow the aussie rap scene too closely I cannot verify that these words were written about that city. All I know is that when I returned home from my recent trip to Adelaide, almost everytime I mentioned the Australian capitol city's name I was met with the words "city of churches, home of the serial killer."

Those words sing lyrically of a side of Adelaide I did not see. The weather was neither a hundred degrees, nor did we freeze. Our August trip down to the southern underbelly of the nation was met with the most divine weather; a warm springtime breeze with clear skies and a beautiful sun. A very different Adelaide I saw, to that which the 'Hoods' rap about.

Flying in over the city I was amazed at the size of Adelaide. Coming from the South Coast of NSW, I expected Adelaide to be on par with the hugeness of Sydney. I was surprised at the seemingly quaint community I could see from the sky.

God blessed us with a terrific display of His majesty from the sky coming into the city, with a stunning skyline sunset which made me fall instantly in love with Adelaide.

We quickly discovered Adelaide's main industry, wiiinnnneeee. Oh wow. New South Wales wine simply does not compare to the grandeur and deliciousness of South Australian wine. We had many a glass over the course of our three night stay with my boyfriend's family. On the Saturday, the whole experience seriously was a weekend from heaven, we ventured out into the Adelaide Hills and wandered into Barristers Block, a gorgeous winery set on a gorgeous acreage of pristine Australian countryside. I am not to sure whether it was the season of Spring or what but the land was immaculate, the wine of course wasn't too shabby either... Nothing quite compares to a South Australian glass of Sparkling Red in the Adelaide Hills on a balmy Saturday afternoon, mid spring.

As for the nightlife of Adelaide. Well. Lets just say we were impressed and we had a ball. We found ourselves in a fancy little bar called Distill which was just up our alley. Perfect, on the downstairs, for a few quite drinks. And then upstairs is awaiting and calling your name for when those drinks have hit and its time to dance! Unfortunately, we were unaware that upstairs existed until the next day, but loungeing around on the first floor with our Champagne Cocktails suited us just fine for a Saturday night in a foreign city. A few of the other nightlife spots we checked out included Apple (highly recommend for a good dance floor, popular location), an underground bar with a signature blue drink and a retro club up a spiral of staircases called Suga.
 The trip finished off with some nice cuddles on the lawn at a picnic with my boyfriend's family to celebrate Fathers Day down at the local park.

All in all we had a dream trip and Adelaide quickly rose to become my all-time favourite Australian city. Its just so cute and quaint and pretty yet sophisticated. The perfect blend of all the best Australia has to offer. Adelaide, we will be seeing you again shortly im sure.


  1. LOVE all your photos! Looks like you had an amazing time! We just followed your blog by the way! And we love your youtube channel! :)))

    1. I followed yours two girls!!!! Such a great idea having a cross generational outreach with a neice and aunt partnership! Im very impressed!!

  2. Great article! Loved those photos! It makes me feel relaxed.



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